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My work

Tomori Hosties Remake Last request Various plugins

My codes

User Friendly

I try to create my plugins to be easy to handle for owners and also easy to use by any player while the code is still complex.

100% Translatability

I create my codes to be 100% translatable. I try to include as many translation as I can by default, but I also appreciate if you could send me new ones.

Subscriptions Plans

Energizer Tier

2/ month

  • Donor role on the Developer Discord server
  • Priority requests and suggestions on Discord
  • Donor chat on Discord
Support Tier

5/ month

  • Behind the scenes
  • Everything from the previous tiers
Unlock Tier

10/ month

  • Access to all of my private plugins
  • Everything from the previous tiers
Legendary Tier

25/ month

  • Huge priority on my lists
  • A full server setup / month
  • Everything from the previous tiers
Tomori Tier

50/ 1 user

  • You can rename the Tomori project
  • Any possible request will be completed
  • Early access to any of my work
  • Early access to any of my work

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